package workflow

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Type Members

  1. case class BindServer() extends Product with Serializable

  2. trait EngineServerPlugin extends AnyRef

  3. class EngineServerPluginContext extends AnyRef

  4. trait FakeRun extends EngineFactory with Evaluation with EngineParamsGenerator

    FakeRun allows user to implement custom function under the exact enviroment as other PredictionIO workflow.

  5. class KryoInstantiator extends ScalaKryoInstantiator

  6. class MasterActor extends Actor with SSLConfiguration with KeyAuthentication

  7. case class NameParams(name: String, params: Option[JValue]) extends Product with Serializable

  8. class NameParamsSerializer extends CustomSerializer[NameParams]

  9. case class PersistentModelManifest(className: String) extends Product with Serializable

  10. class PluginsActor extends Actor

  11. case class ReloadServer() extends Product with Serializable

  12. class ServerActor[Q, P] extends Actor with HttpService with KeyAuthentication

  13. case class ServerConfig(batch: String = "", engineInstanceId: String = "", engineId: Option[String] = scala.None, engineVersion: Option[String] = scala.None, engineVariant: String = "", env: Option[String] = scala.None, ip: String = "", port: Int = 8000, feedback: Boolean = false, eventServerIp: String = "", eventServerPort: Int = 7070, accessKey: Option[String] = scala.None, logUrl: Option[String] = scala.None, logPrefix: Option[String] = scala.None, logFile: Option[String] = scala.None, verbose: Boolean = false, debug: Boolean = false, jsonExtractor: JsonExtractorOption.JsonExtractorOption = JsonExtractorOption.Both) extends Product with Serializable

  14. case class StartServer() extends Product with Serializable

  15. case class StopAfterPrepareInterruption() extends WorkflowInterruption with Product with Serializable

  16. case class StopAfterReadInterruption() extends WorkflowInterruption with Product with Serializable

  17. case class StopServer() extends Product with Serializable

  18. class WorkflowInterruption extends Exception

  19. case class WorkflowParams(batch: String = "", verbose: Int = 2, saveModel: Boolean = true, sparkEnv: Map[String, String] = ..., skipSanityCheck: Boolean = false, stopAfterRead: Boolean = false, stopAfterPrepare: Boolean = false) extends Product with Serializable

    Workflow parameters.

Value Members

  1. object CoreWorkflow

    CoreWorkflow handles PredictionIO metadata and environment variables of training and evaluation.

  2. object CreateServer extends Logging

  3. object CreateWorkflow extends Logging

  4. object EngineLanguage extends Enumeration

  5. object EngineServerJson4sSupport extends Json4sSupport

  6. object EngineServerPlugin

  7. object EngineServerPluginContext extends Logging

  8. object EvaluationWorkflow

  9. object JsonExtractor

  10. object JsonExtractorOption extends Enumeration

  11. object KryoInstantiator extends Serializable

  12. object PluginsActor

  13. object SparkWorkflowUtils extends Logging

    Collection of reusable workflow related utilities that touch on Apache Spark.

  14. object Workflow

    Collection of workflow creation methods.

  15. object WorkflowContext extends Logging

  16. object WorkflowUtils extends Logging

    Collection of reusable workflow related utilities.

  17. package html