package engine

Collection of engine libraries that have no dependency on PredictionIO

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Type Members

  1. class BinaryVectorizer extends Serializable

  2. case class CategoricalNaiveBayesModel(priors: Map[String, Double], likelihoods: Map[String, Array[Map[String, Double]]]) extends Serializable with Product

    Model for naive Bayes classifiers with categorical variables.

  3. case class LabeledPoint(label: String, features: Array[String]) extends Product with Serializable

    Class that represents the features and labels of a data point.

  4. case class MarkovChainModel(transitionVectors: RDD[(Int, SparseVector)], n: Int) extends Product with Serializable

    Markov Chain model

Value Members

  1. object BinaryVectorizer extends Serializable

  2. object CategoricalNaiveBayes

    Class for training a naive Bayes model with categorical variables

  3. object MarkovChain

    Class for training a Markov Chain model

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